We buy and sell MS Dos 6.22 and MS Dos 6.22 licenses


If you are looking to purchase MS Dos 6.22 software from us please click here.

If you want to sell us your surplus inventories of new MS-Dos 6.22 or 6.22 licenses please read the following:

We are now paying cash for new OEM packages of MS-Dos 6.22 with 3.5" disks and pre-install license packs (without media) as well as retail packages! All items must be new and in good condition and must be genuine Microsoft product containing the original genuine MS-Dos 6.22 license and certificate of authenticity. We are looking for quantities. Please do not contact us if you have fewer than 5 pieces available or if you are asking more than $20 ea. for them.

email us at bargainstore @oldsoftware.com

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