Intellimover BE Migration Software Clearance

Liquidation price for Intellimover 5 license version 3.5 Smart Business Migration Software. Just $32 for 1 or $27 ea. for 2 or more. Free shipping on all continental U.S. orders totalling $38 or more.

Very limited quantity available. New retail packages. Transfer cable required (but not included) for those wanting to transfer via USB ports. No support offered by us on this product. Detto's website has a huge amount of support information available on this product.

Save time when replacing a PC or notebook by easily transferring email, files, folders, network resources and more from one PC to another. Supports cross-version migrations so users retain their familiar settings even in newer versions of applications and operating systems. Transfer data using a special USB cable, Parallel cable, or through your network.

Note: This program transfers files an settings but does not transfer programs. This migration software requires that you reinstall your programs and applications from their original installation disks. The producers of this software indicate that too many potential conflicts and compatibility problems can arise when programs are transferred directly from one computer to another.

General Features:

5 Migration Licenses
Migrates OS settings
Migrates application settings
Migrates files and folders (Including file structures)
Migrates Network Resouces
Migrates share folders
Migrates mapped drives
Migrates network printers
5 Migration Licenses

System Requirements:

Pentium Class Processor
Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher
Windows 95B, NT 4.0, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP
32 MB Ram
50 MB Hard Drive Space
CD Rom Drive
Local Administrator Rights (If applicable)

Transport Requirements:

Network: Network Interface Card (NIC) & TCP/IP

USB: Detto USB cable (available at )
USB not supported on Windows 95 or NT 4.0

Parallel: Requires a PC to PC Parallel Data Transfer cable (available at
Parallel ports on both computers
Parallel not supported on Windows NT 4.0

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