Amiga Public Domain And Shareware List
Games, Educational Programs, Demos, Utilities, Business, Graphics, Communications, Music, Programming, Virus Checking, etc.

Note: We take every precaution to verify that our shareware and public domain programs do not have any viruses or other malicious problems but we cannot accept responsibility for any unlikely contamination which may occur. We strongly urge you to have anti-virus and security protection in place on your computer(s) before using these or any other programs.

 3 1/2 disks $15 for first disk. Just $5 ea. for each additional disk.
The disks on this list are either public domain (where the authors agree to release their program to the public) or shareware. Shareware authors require a donation (usually minimal) for their time in producing their program if you find it useful. We encourage users to register and donate to the authors for not only encouraging them to produce great software, but for also extra benefits such as updates and manuals.

Name  Description

 Business Programs (B)

 Business Programs B00037 Mailtalk - mailing list program that talks, Labels a label program, Amortize for amortizations, & Basic Demos.

 Inventory Pac B00106 Two good inventory programs.

 Ledger B00169 Nice program with many features for recording debits and credit etc.

 Amiga Office I B00232 Great office programs such as Word Write, Calculator, Blackbook, Mail Manager, Financial Scale, Text Outliner, and Mail Merge.

 Clerk (V3.4) B00236 Disk designed to do accounting needs for a small to medium business. GeneralLedger, Payables, Receivables, & File Cabinet. User friendly. (requires 1 meg.)

 Legal Forms B00270 A huge variety of legal forms like term-lease that you can possibly load and use in your word processor.

Business Starter Pack B00A70 Labelbase a good label program, Grocery program, & Journal a great program for record keeping requirements such as credit cards, accounts receivable, accounts payable, incomes, & expenses.

Communication Programs (C)

 Parnett Network
(3 disks)
C00005 Parnett is for networking two Amigas or an Amiga with an Amiga CDTV.

 Modem Madness C00090 Modem programs - Starterm, Aterm & Kermit. Telecommunications utilities.

 BBS Bulletin Board C00092 Information & programs to start a BBS. Requires additional 512K memory and external 3.5 drive.

 Access 4.2 C000A1 Excellent modem program with many features such as phone number storage and recall, redial, macros, 1200 or 2400 baud option, and more.

 VT 100 C00244 Is a VT100 Emulator, Kermit, and Xmodem. Has documentation files.
 JR-Comm C0A150 Excellent modem program with many features. 

 N-Com C0A200 Good modem program with many features.

 Softspan C0A235 Good BBS program that works with a Amiga 500 with 512K & 1 drive. Many features. 

Charts, Graphs, Computer Aided Drafting (CG)

 M Cad CG0119 Excellent computer aided design program with full features.

Mandelbrot Explorer CGA165 Plotting program that computes and plots functions defined on a complex plane. Other options allow you to vary the mapping in coloring, rainbows, & scaling in 2 or 3 deminsions. Makes pretty interesting pictures but slowly (very complex).

Demos (D)

Science Demos D00225 Demos of educational science programs on the market. Memo keeper & Pushover game.

Amiga Slide Show
(2 disk)
D00A20 D00A21 Deluxe Paint movie demo showing many different excellent drawings & some digitized pictures. Has no sound and works best with 2 drives. All excellent.

Basketball Demo D00A50 Excellent movie animation of basketball player shooting the ball in the basket. Will run continuously.

Berserk Demo D00A55 Excellent demo of unicycles juggling in air and a rolling 3D ball in space.

Beattle Yellow Sub D00A52 Excellent demo playing Beattle music and showing the superior graphics & features of the Amiga over other computers such as the Apple and IBM.

BKDC Demos
(3 disks)
D00A60 D00A62 D00A63 Bar Area Amiga Developers Group Killer Contest Winners demo disk! Contains the winner demos such as the First place winner called RGB that needs over 1 meg of memory, Nemises 5th place, Halfbrite Hill, Marktroid Focus, Wire Demo, Wavebench & more.

El Gato Demo D0A100 Excellent demo movie of a walking tiger rotating on a turning screen giving it a 3D effect. Runs continuously.

Froggy Animation Demo D0A110 Excellent movie demo of a pretty green tree frog on a tree catching a fly.

Ghost Pool Demo D0A120 Excellent movie demo of an invisible man or ghost playing pool. The pool stick moves through the air with no one holding it and the game is played.

Halfbrite Hill D0A135 Movie movie demo of a man dancing with a cane.

Knockers D0A155 Excellent movie demos - F 15 3D view, Rocker that rocks by itself, & Kahankas or knockers like balls on a pendulum with beautiful details and effects.

Merlin 3D D0A175 Prize winning demo of a wizard like man looking in a window with a rotating 3D ball going into the horizon and into the foreground.

Movie D0A176 Nemesis prize winning demo of space, Juggler of a robot juggler, & Superview with 3 eye opening IFF pictures - Alien, S125 lovely girl, & Visions.

New Tek Demo
(2 disks)
D0A185 D0A186 Excellent movie slide show demo by New Tek with great digitized sound and graphics that demos multi tasking, Digi-View, & Digi F/X. (requires 1 meg).

New Tek Demo Reel3 D0A190 A0A191 Excellent slide show movie demo by New Tek with great digitized sound and graphics that demos multi tasking, Digi-View, Digi Paint, & Digi F/X. (requires 1 meg).

Prob Sequence Demo D0A210 Excellent realistic movie experience of a skeleton, & determining the life form and showing how the alien would look if he were alive by determining his muscles etc.

Terry's Demo
(2 disk)
D0A255 D0A256 Excellent slide show with great art and digitized music. (requires 1 meng. & works best with 2 drives.)

Zeus  D0A310 Excellent demo of a turning bronze sculpture of Zeus. Beautiful art piece.

D0F112 Prize winning demos. Hagendemos, Bully, Wavebench , Dropshadows, Beachbird.

Not Boing Again/Tank D0F200 Not Boing Again is an excellent movie type movie of a robot type man typing on a computer and Tank is another killer demo that is fish tank animation.

Database Programs & Utilities (DB)

Databases DB0116 Disk contains 5 specialized database programs - Videotapes, CD's, Magazine Articles, Comic Books & Trading Cards.

Database Business 3 DB0117 Database program, new fonts, RSL Clock - clock utilitity.

DataEasy DBF526 Easy to use data base program which includes a phone dialer, speech output, a simple screen editor for making and modifying database definitions, screen printing functions, form letters printing, sorting, searching, & more. Also on disk is GNUPlot.

Desktop Organizers (DS)

DairyCalendar, AddressBook DS0107 Address book program, also Dairy Calender program, text adventure & more.

Personal Calendar DS0146 Nice calendar program that allows you to enter birthdays and other events. Disk also includes checkbook and program with graphics.

Educational Tutorials, Games & Drills (E)

Math Class E00005 Program that prints out your math test on paper.

Educational Games E00017 Games for kids such as geography, math, science, & word games. Wheel of Fortune.

Education E00037 Educational games. Math, geography, spelling & book type puzzles. Ages 6-15.

Education2 E00089 Simulated fish aquarium, math quizzer, history, religion, geography, and more.

Japanese E00095 Demo and tutorial version for teaching Japanese.

Drawmap (2 disks) E00107 Program that generates hemispherical and orbital views of the earth's surface. Prints from screen, saves as IFF files. 68020+ version included. Requires 1.2 meg.

Amigazer E00134 Viewer & cataloger of 1573 stars, label maker & more.

Star Charting/ Mideast Quiz E00188 Star charting is agreat educational program to help you learn about the 600 stars, galaxies, & nebulae. Mid East Quiz is a quiz on the middle east.

SMS Educational E00200 Great educational disk for all ages. Subjects are taught with a teachers voice - abbreviations, capitals, unions, nichnames, math ( addition, subtraction, multiplication, weight measures, and more advanced math). Also a spelling program where you make your own spelling list.

Space Log E00201 Space Log is a educational type game where you go into space and set up your mission, keep records and load and save them. Also on disk is Planets, and Chess Tutor.

Tomtron Bonus Disk E00309 Math Tutor, Find It and Puzzled.

Educational-Math 512K E00495 Disk full of math. APick'n Action-game with 8 levels that has a time limit. Counting for Add/Sub/Multi. ReflexFinal that tests Add/Sub/Multi/Algebra skills. MathAdv a Math adventure game where you pass in different rooms. LittleBoulder.

Cardfile/Amigazer E00F90 Cardfile is like flashcards where you enter your information to be quized on. Amigazer is a database of 1573 stars you can study in different positions. Also on disk is Prtdrvgen, Conman, Shortcut, Timer, Printext, Showprint, Sizzlers, New Demos, Space Ace Demo, Imandelvroon, Othello, & Rainbench. These are mainly CLI driven.

Cloud E0F216 Educational program that generates & displays fractal surfaces that look remarkably like clouds. Also on disk is BackDrop, C64Emul, PrtSpool, Virus, & Wanderer game.

Gravity Simulator E0F223 Program to generate up to 6 planetary masses which exert a mutual gravitational force. These masses can be put anywhere on the screen. Also on disk is Csh, FixDisk iff2SUN, Paccer, Popinfo, & SetCPU.

Elements EUF253 Elements is an excellent program with a periodic table of elements and data about each one. Also on disk is Dump Diff, Keymac, MegaB, Power Packer data crunch, WB Shadow, & more. 

Wavemaker E0F481 Projects wave forms & sounds in different conditions that you set. Also on disk KI, MCP race game, & more.

Ephemer/Molec3D E0F482 Ephermer is a educational program that calculates the positions of the sun, moon, & planets for any date and place. Molec3d is a interactive 3D solid modeling program for molecules & displaying them. Handles up to 500 atoms at a time.

Drawmap/Spades E0F485 Drawmap is a program for drawing representations of the earth's surface. Also on disk is Spades card game that is one player, & Niftyterm.

Eternal Rome E0F502 History strategy game that is fast., Complex and easy to play. Mouse controlled with a zoomable map of the Roman empire, Also on disk is Cells lab, TrackDos & more.

Keybang for Early Learner E00F631 Excellent program that draws shapes and plays sounds in response to playing with the keyboard & mouse. Also on disk is Amigadex a very good address program for small mailing lists.

Electrical (EL)

Aspice EL0051 Contains program called Spice which is a general-purpose circuit simulation program. Circuits may contain resisters, capacitors etc.

Games (Arcade, Stategy, Board, Role Playing Educational, & more) (GM)

Games 1 GM0006 Cosmo 2 an excellent asteroid space ship game, Speech Toy allows you to change speech voices, Yachctc or Yahtzee to be run from CLI, Trek 73 or Star Trek run through CLI. Abasic games - Biorythm, Gomoko board game, & sleuth murder mystery.

Arcade Game Disk GM0007 All nice games - Super Breakout, Dilo like Frogger with Armadillo's, Tinyball, Amigolds, Lode Runner, & more.

Monopoly GM0023 Excellent game that plays up to 8 other computer players. Has other features such as optional parking, automatic score keeping and more.

Amoeba Invaders GM0027 Excellent arcade type game. Disk includes World a very good text adventure like the Zorks, & Bull Run an excellent strategy game between the North and South in Civil War.

Hack Adventure GM0029 Great text adventure game with cavemen, wizards, spells, knights & fighters.

GameCheats GM0043 Disk full of hints for over 300 games - Shadow of the Beast, Dungeon Master, Space Ace, Leisure Suit Larry, Moria, & Neuromancer.

Games 3/ Life Vegas GM0044 Slot - Vegas slot machine, World that draws world maps, Cosmo 2 like Amoeba Invaders with asteroids game. Gravity Wars planet game, Canto song, Keyboard board game, & Conquest game ran through CLI.

Amiga Assorted Games GM00A5 Dakeks, Yahtc or Yahtzee, Shanghai, Star Chart, Biorythm, Cycles, Life 3D, & Conquest. Must be transferred to disk with basic.

Games GM00A6 Checkers, Clue, Jeopard - an enhanced version of Risk, RushHour, & great game of Space War. etc. 

Great Graphics Games GM0118 3-D Triclops, Cosmos asteroid game, Missle Command with great sound.

Backgammon GM0121 Very good Backgammon game. Disk also includes a few digitized sounds & icons.

Solitaire GM0122 Great Canfield & Klondike games.

Cribbage GM0123 Card game with excellent graphics.

Milestone GM0124 Computer version of Miles Bournes.

Othello GM0125 Excellent 3D Othello game.

Wheel of Fortune GM0127 Excellent game with many puzzles & also a way to make new puzzles. Disk also includes 3D Tic Tac Toe, & Scat Icon mover.

Space Games GM0128 Cosmoroids lilke Asteroids, Gravity Wars & More.

Packman 87 GM0131 Packman arcade game with great graphics.

Blackjack GM0137 Great full featured Blackjack game.

Bull Run GM0139 Excellent Civil War stategy game, disk also includes Label Maker, grocery program & Will Kid.

Q Bert GM0142 Qbert game with good graphics. Disk also includes Nutug9, Make Label, & a softball status program.

Boulderdash/Life3 GM0148 Boulder Dash game with excellent graphics and many levels. Also Bards Tale editor, Life 3, Othello, & utilities.

Sorry GM0161 Like classic board game with excellent graphics. Other games are Bally v0.1 (like Qix), & Amazing that allows you to create and solve a 3D maze. 

Video Poker GM0162 Popular video poker game where player is successful through stradegy. Other games are Hearts and Stud Poker.

Money (Game) GM0163 Cute joystick controlled game where you grab all the money bags before the tax collectors get you. Also includes Trix arcade game & music samples.

Mastermind/Rockslide GM0173 Mastermind is a game where you break a hidden code. Also Rockslide game.

Galactic Worm/Brickout GM0176 Galactic Worm is an excellent game where you try to avoid tying your growing worm in a knot. Super Brickout is a great arcade game with 3 different levels.

Kamikaze Chess GM0177 Excellent chess game where you try to lose pieces instead of win. You may play the computer or another person.

Missle Egypt GM0179 Great Missle & Egyptian Run game where one guards five cities from missles and tries to destroy the control pyramid.

Moria GM0190 Requires 1 meg. Very Complex & excellent dungeon & dragon game with good graphics. 

Kingdom at War GM0191 Requires 1 meg. Great strategy game with excellent graphics and sound where you control castles and territories. Play the computer or up to 4 other players.

Tile/Kings Korner GM0195 Tiles is a fun and addicting game where you match tiles and clear the board. Kings Korner is a solitaire game with different levels of difficulty.

Checkers & Slot Cars GM0254 Checkers game where you can play another player or you can play the computer. Slot Cars is a game where you fire missles at an opponent and select track speed. It is a 2 player game or you play the computer. (joystick required)

Drip GM0253 Excellent arcade game with great graphics & digitized music where you are a drip that must rust all the pipes & avoid falling off them. You must also avoid acid, plasma, & ice cubes shooting off pipes, & lazer & crystal balls chasing you.

The Simpsons GM0256 Great quality game made to be like the cartoon Simpsons. Joystick controlled. 

Peter's Quest Game GM0577 Excellent strategy arcade type game where Peter follows a trail of hearts through a world of 20 levels, riddled with porcupines, and other hazards to rescue Daphne. Joystick controlled with 1 or 2 players.

Technoban Game GM0639 Excellent game where you must fit boxes in a maze. Features include 4 worlds with 10 levels each with new sounds & graphics. There is a code for every level and 5 stereo sounds. smooth animation.

Intrepid Strategy Game GM0665 Incredible arcade strategy game where you navigate a high tech tank through the Antartic to rescue a scientist taken hostage by terrorists.

Amiga Basic Games GM0A10 Sythesizer, Eliza, Lazer Strike, Lunar Lander, Address, Calendar, Funds, Wheel, Cos, Slider, Ror, Color Art, Deluxe Draw, World Map, Pyramid Power, Yo Yo Demo & Scroll Demo.

MechFite GM0A44 MechFite is an excellent role playing game like Moria. It is a Space Game.

Burger Arcade GM0A65 Or Deluxe Hamburger is an excellent arcade game that is joystick controlled where you use a ketchup bottle to shoot down hamburgers, drinks, frenchfries & more for points. This game must be loaded through the CLI on this self booting disk. Other icon driven programs on disk are Little Brick Out, Cycles, Life 3, & Yatcht.C.

Crown of Ardania
(2 disk)
GM0A75 GM0A76 Excellent stradegy game with dazzling graphics and sound where you conquer territories with wizards, spells and other strategy. Has either 512 or 1 meg version.

Dragons Cave GM0A80 Excellent Dungeons and Dragons game with graphics that look like Dungeon Master. You must find your way out of a maze of tunnels and avoid the dragon that you must set up with the CLI. You have strength, obstacles, & may find gold etc.

Empire GM0A85 Modem or regular computer strategy game that is simulations of world politics, economics, & war. Two or more people may play. May take months to complete. Huge and very involved. Disk also includes a blitter called BlitLab.

Solitaire Games GM0F32 Solitaire games - Canfield & Klondike, Dos Plus 1 & 2, Address, Calendar, Spin3, Sword, Puzzle, & more to be run from the CLI. Some of these programs require ABasic.

Games Starter Pack GMA115 Wanderer Strategy game with obstacles and graphics, Star Trek a good strategy game with some sound and graphics, Cosmos a great arcade game with asteroids and space ships, Amoeba an excellent arcade game with great sound, Tetris a simple puzzle game & Tiles like Shanghai.

The Jar GMA145 Excellent game like the Crystal Castle arcade game. Requires joystick.

Larn  GMA160 Great D & D text adventure game with pull down menus and save features. Disk also includes a simple icon program.

Wheel of Fortune with Vanna  GMA165 Nice Wheel of Fortune game with many features. Spin and earn ponts.

Nakamoto  GMA180 Cute ropes and latters game with obstacles (joystick controlled). Has good sound and graphics. Other games are on the disk such as Tetris.

Racerama/Talking Adventure  GMA215 Racerama is a car racing game that is joystick controlled where you are looking on the outside of the vehicle and controlling it. Talking adventure is based on the original Crowther & Woods Adventure (text), & Battlebas is a Battleship game for modems.

Star Trek (2 disks) GMA250 GMA251 Excellent strategy game with actual Star Trek voices & sound effects. You must avoid Clingon attack & have access to ship weapons, engine room, shields, warp speed, & course. Has on looking screen and other features.

Tetris, Weltris, & Pipeline GMA260 Tetris is an excellent puzzle game where you fit pieces in a box in the most efficient way. This game has good sound & graphics and is joystick controlled. Weltrix is a 3D version of Tetris, & Pipeline is a arcade maze game where you connect a maze or pipes (well done).

Triclops GMA270 3D war game where aliens try to take over the earth and you must defend it. The game may be 2 player and also may be played over a modem. You may build your own vehicles & cities.

Chess/ Battle/ Force/ Bally  GMF205 Chess is a nice 2 player game with full board and complete instructions. Bally is a arcade game, & BattleForce nicely done combat simulation game between robot-like machines.

Paranoids Board Game  GMF250 Asylum escape board game played by drawing cards, rolling dice, & moving 6 pieces (2 doctors & 4 patients) around the board. Also on disk is Gravity Well motion simulation, ASimplex, & RPSC scientific calculator.

Monopoly Board Game GMF251 Great simulation of Parker Bros. board game that plays up to 4 players or plays computer. Shows whole board & many features. Also on disk is Roadroute a trip planner, Debug, DiskSalv disk recovery, Debug, Diskspeed, & Linestrom.

Escape from Jovi III  GMF259 Fast action game that looks like Lunar Lander with Hi-Res scrolling, large playfield, multiple levels, cheat mode, realistic inertia & gravitational effects. Use joystick in port 2 to control ship.

Air Ace 2 Game/ Triangle Game  GMF469 Air Ace is a fast pace shoot'em up type game made with Shoot'Em Up Construction Set. Triangle is a nice board game of Chinese checkers in triangle formation. Word Puzzle is like a Word Search Puzzle where you find missing words.

Lord of Hosts  GMF488 Two player strategy board game based on board game called 'Shogun' & similar to Chess. Flexible mouse/joystick controls.

Raider & Lander 3DX Games  GMF544 Raider 3DX is a joystick control space strategy game with X-Specs 3D optional. Lander 3DX is a Lunar Lander game where X-Specs are required. Also on disk is AWP, EraseDisk, & more.

 GMF554 Amastermind is mouse controlled and menu driven. Landmine is a game of logic where you avoid the landmines requires 1 meg of memory. Also on disk is Landscape & more.

Diplomacy Strategy Game  GMF582 Based on World War I this game is designed for several players. There are variant map design capabilities for play. Also on disk is Questionatort for questionnaires, and VideoDat for videos.

The Gallows Hangman Game  GMF586 Cute hangman type game with over 3000 words. Also on disk is AzMake, Blackhole, Contour-4D, LSlabel, Opus8, & Tree4D.

Attacks & Copper Games GMF632 Attacks is a 2 player strategy board game on a 7 by 7 grid like the arcade Attax. Another nice game is Copper a game like Arkanoid where you destroy bricks with a ball. Also on disk is MrEd and PrintFiles.

Ashido/ Haktar GMF655 Ashido is like Ishido the commercial game. You must put 62 tiles with 6 different patterns and 6 different colors on a 12 X 7 board. Also on disk is Haktar an Adventure Contruction Kit.

Celestial Ceasars Game GMF659 Simple strategy war game for up to nine players where you can play against human or computer. Also on disk is Adventure using all text. GadToolBox, & Mungwall.

Catacomb Adventure (2 disks) GMF666 Excellent graphic adventure game set on a small island where your quest is to discover the secrets and treasures of an underground maze, while staying alive. Disk one is uncompacted ready to use and disk 2 has the instructions. KME & Spectroscope are other programs on disk 2.

Genealogy and Family History (GN)

Housewares GN0099 AGene-family tree program that tracks up to 600 people/ marriages/ etc., Landscape is a backyard CAD program to create gardens & landscapes, & Loom simulates environment.

Family History Genealogy GM00A5 Family History is an excellent genealogy program that provides Amiga owners with some of the benefits of the (PAF) program of the LDS church. Printouts are suitable for submission of the Family History Dept. of the LDS church. Features include family group, individual, and pedigree charts with an option to print all names or the family group sheets.

Graphics And Graphic Utilities (GR)

Norman Rockwell GR0001 Slideshow of excellent Norman Rockwell art.

Grinder GR0120 Complete graphic conversion program which supports GIF's, JPeg, Atari formats (Neochrome & Degas), PCX, Targa, TIFF, Ham0E, & IFF formats.

Application 2 GR0135 Long Movie - Serveral IFF pictures in sequence making a animation, Quick Manager - mail manager, & Permail database program.

Assorted Excellent Graphics GR0140 A variety of excellent IFF graphics such as Horces, Summer, Gorilla, & Xmas Picture. About 20 pictures.

Animation 2 GR0143 Great movie demo that tells about the Jarvik 7 heart, Star Trek with voices, Star Wars, the weather & more. One meg expander must be deactivated.

Christmas Animation GR0144 Excellent Christmas disk with 10 beautiful scenes accompanied by music such as The Manger, and Christmas Tree. 

Assorted High Res Graphics GR0A45 A selection of 15 IFF pictures that are either Ham, Lo Res, Hi Res, or Hi Res Black & White. Cartoon characters, beautiful black & white multi pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

IFF Pictures GR0F45 Nice full color IFF pictures. Floral Wonder, Glacial Exploits, Alien National Park, Space, Lazer Weapons, Pooh Collage, Teaser & Firecat, Star Destroyer, Helm Sailboat & more.

Graphics Starter Pack GRA125 A variety of 16 excellent IFF graphics - Strawberry, Glass, Orange, Knight & more.

Graphics #2 with Showprint GRA130 Great IFF pictures to be displayed or printed with showprint on disk - green grog, Mushroom, Lady Otway and more.

Hewlet Packard
& Showprint
GRA140 IFF pictures to be displayed or printed with Showprint on disk - Aquarium, Bluecoupe, Honda, Butterfly, Convertable, Mazda, & more. Also on disk is Macview.

Ray Trace Pictures GRA220 Excellent IFF pitures - Checker, Marble, Brick, Moon, Focus, Glass, Wood & more.

Showprint #2 Earth/
GRA230 Excellent IFF pictures - Earth, Aegis, also in subdirectory is Chicago, Frig2, Visions, Wet-Tiger, Birdie, Deinon Ychus, Denoplie4, Floor Han Pic, Hi Tech Rex, Magic Photon Paint & more. Use Hewlet Packard Calculator with Showprint to see pictures.

Aircraft Art GRA250 Nice black & white Clip Art of various airplanes in IFF format.

Clip Art Sampler #1 GRA260 Nice miscellaneous collection of black & white clip art in hi-res IFF format.

Garfield Art GRA280 Cute variety of Garfield type black & white clip art in IFF format.

Looney Toons Clip GRA290 Cute black & white clips of Looney Toon art that are Lo Res IFF format, High Res BRV format & PC PCX format.

Mario Bros Clip Art GRA300 Well done black & white clip art of Mario Bros in High Res IFF format.

Ham Pictures GRF196 Stunning digitized pictures in high resolution of 3 great looking cars, a motorcycle, and a airplane.

Home Budget (HM)

Checkbook HM0066 Checkbook program written in basic. Dpaint pictures, Icons and more.

Bank N HM0164 Seven serperate programs for your bank account, Open Account, Enter Expense Codes, Checkboook, Reports, Query, and end of the year reports.

Handy Disk HM0249 Great home utility disk! Calendar, Address Book, Grocery List, Household Inventory, Dos Helper, & printing Calendar Factory.

Easy Banker/ Calendar F. HM0A95 Easy Banker is simple easy to use checking account program that prints. Calendar Factory is a nice calendar program that saves, views, & prints. It has several print formats for the year. Also on disk is Road Route for showing mileage between locations, Ballbench, Defender, & Sound Editer.

Labels (L)

Mail Manager L00152 Gaood mail list program for keeping track of store names, friend's addresses etc.

Misellaneous (MS)

Basic Grab Bag I MS0015 A huge variety of programs to be run through Basica. Programming demos, educational programs like spelling, games & other utilities such as a drawing program, Eliza for self analysis.

Basic Grab Bag MS0038 Cload for down loading hex to binary converter. Hi-Low a simple card game. Saucer arcade game, Tic Tac Toe game, Light a arcade type game MComp for creating musical sounds, Eights card game, Slot, Pmodem word proc. & more.

Basic Programs MS0058 Some tutorials, Basica programs - Speak, Pinwheels, Color Circles, Triangles, Sketch & Canvas. Includes Tapestry - attaches a picture to your workbench display.

Basic Grab Bag II MS0061 Programs in Abasic- Speak Kit, Amortization, V Paint, Spelling Test, Topography and more.

Potporri I MS0105 Diskcat - organizes disk files. Iconmaker, 3-D Breakout, P Sound-samples sound (recorder & editor), program for a button pop up of CLI window.

Potporri10/Printer Design MS0114 Cardfile like flashcards where you enter your own information to be quizzed. Amigazer a database of 1573 stars where you can study them in different positions. Prtdrvgen, Shortcut, Showprint, Sizzlers, Spaceace, Conman, Time, Printtext, Demos, & Mandelvroom.

Amiga Worlds Top 20 PD MS0246 MS0247 2 disks Amiga Worlds top 20 picks of public domain software. Most of the files are compressed so you have to decompress the files with the utilities included.

Amiga Graphics & Games MS0A15 Juggler is an excellent graphic movie demo. Games - Reversi like Othello, Missle, & Cosmo asteroid game. Also things to do tricks to your screen - Boing, Molly, Fields, Zoing, Sproig, Ya Boing, Ping & Ing.

CLI Utilities/
Labrinth II
MSF162 Cli Utilities, Labrinth II text adventure, Avi - Unix editor, Dark graphics demo, Flow2Troff for printing, Iffar maintains archive IFF form & other, Unknown Girl music demo, Tes adds gadget to CLI window & more. Most run through the CLI.

MSF170 Atterm is a communications program, Dis6502 is a disassembler for C64 binary files, Fasttext is fast text rendering routines, PtrAnim is a utility for creating your own pointer animations, Surf is a drawing program that produces tools for different bizarre pictures & more. Work some from CLI.

Music (MU)

Can't Touch Music MU0028 Digitized boot disk with rock & roll music that lasts 6 to 7 minutes.

Music Instruments MU0077 Excellent keyboard synthesizer program that has 25 musical instruments and miscellaneous sounds.

Music I MU0157 Selection of 10 great songs on a menu.

Med (Music Editor) MU0278 Good music editor that allows you to create songs. Has player and songs.

Amiga Sounds  MU0A25 Scales Sound that plays scales, Speachtoy an excellent sound sampler for voice & speech, P Sound or perfect sound a great program for creating sound and voice frequencies.

Rock & Roll Fantasy  MUA225 Excellent song that will run about 20 minutes by Sonix Progressive.

Sonix Songs #1  MUA240 Great Sonix Songs drum beats. Has 8 different arrangements with some music.

Sonix Songs #2 MUA245 Three hot Sonix Songs arrangements. Always On My Mind, GD's Power Box & HR4.

Programming, Computer Languages, E.t.c.

Pascal P00047 Pascal - This disk includes everything needed to run Pascal. It also includes A68k, 680000 assembler. Blink, linking software and PCQ (1.0) Pascal sub-set compiler.

C Compiler P00049 C Compiler, A68k (1.2) assembler, & Blinker linker.

Pilot Language P00051 Starterm modem program. Also Pilot tester & interpreter. Pointer animations.

Amiga Beginner P00118 Tutorial for the beginner on the Amiga. Teaches CLI and Workbench & more.

Dos Helper P00133 Program to help with Amigados & supports multitasking & more.

Basic Tutor P00252 A variety of programs in basic to demo and teach basic. Also a text adventure game called Westward Ho, and a D&D text adventure game that is unfinished so you can finish it.

P0F105 AssProgs are assembly tools & programs etc., Basic programs are Frued analysis program, Least, Bison, Drunken Mouse, Gravity Wars, & more.

Amiga Basic Compiler P0F347 Curser is a 3-pass Basic Compiler for programs written in Amiga Basic. It does not support all commands. Also on disk is the excellent arcade game of Drip.

Property Management & Amortization (PM)

Loan Info PM0205 Great program made for figuring out payments and loan interest. ASCII file reader and Label Printer for making return labels or disk labels.

BizCalc PMF535 BizCalc is a user friendly loan calculator that calculates weekly and beweekly loans. It can generate amortization tables to the screen, to the printer or to a file. Also on disk is Accent a character converter for IBM, Macintosh & 64 files, ArcL, Flat, Format, Icon, KeyMacro, SetBatt, & termLite.

Painting Programs (PN)

Deluxe Draw PN0065 Good drawing program with good features, disk also includes Disk Salv, spell checker, Disk Zap, Amigaarc, & more.

Paint/Ultra Paint PN0184 Good drawing program with many features such as drawing tools and colors.

Free Paint/ Concentration PNF627 Nice Concentration game that is 2 player or you play the computer. Also on disk is FreePaint an excellent painting program much like DPaint. Has many features, prints, saves, etc.

Productivity Creativity & Hobby (PR)

Banner PR0013 Pacman called Mazeman, Pacman 2, Reversil like Othello, & Banners program.

Puzzles PR0048 CWP - Full featured & well done crossword puzzle game and generator. Disk also includes Concentration & Hollywood Trivia.

Public Domain Disk Cataloger PR0167 Keeps track of public domain programs. Alllows you to scan a disk in a catalogue or enter and make changes to descriptions manually.

Bowling Scores PR0170 Keeps track of bowling records with a printer option.

A Season of Ram PR0231 Program that generates poems & lets you print them. (requires 1meg.)

Calendar Factory PR0301 Makes yearly calendar that you may print out in different layout styles. Disk also includes Furnish - that allows you to arrange objects on a screen (good for furniture arrangement), Roadroute - shows distance between cities in North America, Shopointers - displays pointers on a directory, and Addicon 2.0 - allows you to make icons.

Religion, Scriptures, Wisdom (R)

Religion R00117 Scripture Mem (aids in memorizing verses and passages) and Paul's Journey where you and Paul explore the Mediterranean. requires 1 meg.

King James Bible
(3 disk)
R00310 R00311 R00312 Three disks that contain the whole King James Bible! Though the disks are power packed they may be read the way they are.

Bible Search
(3 disks)
R00651 Fastest, easiest to use Bible program available on the Amiga. KJV Version with the entire Bible Plus the concordance indexing over 700,000 words by verse. Great study aid.

Spreadsheet Programs & Utilities (SP)

Spreadsheet SP0116 VC Spreadsheet program, calculator & more.

Analyticalc Spreadsheet SPF495 Nice spreadsheet with options for a cell to have rows, columns, & pages.

Utilities, File, Hard Drive, Compression (U)

Archive and Unarchive U00040 Compresses & decompresses files. Excellent for modem users.

Printer Drivers U00047 New printer drivers to be used with workbench. Alphacom, Alphopro 101, Brother, HR-15XL, CBM MPS low, Diablo 630, Diablo Advantage, D25, Diablo 5-150, Epson, Epson JX80, HPLazer Jet, Okimate 20, etc. To run go through CLI and type preferences (return).

Hamsharp PCX to IFF U0050 Program that will convert your PCX files to IFF.

Compression U00054 Disk contains the best compression programs. Includes Arc, Laharc, LHwarp, Pkax, PowerPacker, Zip, Warp, & Zoo. Also on disk IFFcrunch for IFF file compression.

A64 Package
(2 disks)
U00071 Complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and compatible with WB2.0.

CLI Wizard U00222 Utility for fast CLI access. Also typewriting, overscan, & turbo backup.

Icon Wiz U00248 Is a variety of excellent programs for making icons and drawing. Fun Paint is a great drawing program that will save to IFF files. Make Icon will select and open IFF files and make icons. Other programs on disk are Icon Meisler, Icon Lab2, Keim another icon creator, Deluxe draw & more.

King Fisher (2 disks) U00253 Excellent search program for Fred Fish disks 1-720. Many features.

Utility Disk U00255 Pubcat a great public domain catalog database program. Scrup a program to spin drive as you clean it, Amigadex a address book program, and JR Utility a good directory utility.

Antiptrs U00A30 Cute animated pointers like Star Trek, programs to add 8 more colors to the work bench, Colorcatch changes screen color to executible flipfile, Helper, Kryptor decoder, Newlook & more.
Aquarium U00A35 Database for searching Fred Fish disk info.
FBM or Fuzzy Pixmap U00A90 Compressed programs on this disk may be run as they are. Programs read different formats, graphics operations rotation, conversion, sizing, scaling, retoning, haltoning, & more.
Utilities/M Cad U00F74 All run from CLI. Control-finer control on printer devices, Cled-line editor, Dropshadow-makes workbench windows to have drop shadows. Funds-tracks prices of funds, MCad-is an excellent cad program, Dme-text line editor, Less for forward & backward scrolling, Makemake-reads C files, Random-random number generatory, Idebug, Units is a units conversion program, Xcopy copy command.
Diskman Disk Arranger U00F82 Diskman is a good utility for using CLI commands and arranging your disk. Amicterm, & Icons you can use for windows & drawers.

Journal & Record Replay U00F95 Journal records mouse & joystick sequence & plays them back, and Record Replay does similar to Journal. Also on disk is CMD that redirects serial or parallel output device, Cyprus EdDemo Software, & more. Most are CLI driven.
Graph It
 U00F97 Mousereader reads text files and views IFF files, Graph It plots functions in 2 or 3 dimensions, Also on disk is Cut & Paste, Juggler robot demo, Shm a simple graphics demo, & Splines a program that demonstrates various curves and fittings techniques. Most of these are from CLI.
Black Hole/ Tdeamon  U00N25 Black Hole adds a super trashcan to workbench backdrop, Tools Daeman allows you to run programs simply be selecting a menu item. Also Sid2 directory utility, Remap & more.
Font Starter Park U0A105 A big variety of new fonts for the work bench note pad.
Fentor/ PtrAnim U0A110 Fentor is a window manipulator that opens, closes, copies, & moves windows, changes flags & rearranges gadgets. Ptranm is a program utility to use with DPaint to create pointers. Also on disk Mackie for key stroke use & Usnape a text grabber.
Mega D  U0A170 Excellent top of the market directory utility, disk copier, and disk labeler. Many great functions.

Nibbler or Nib Copier  U0A200 Excellent quality disk copying program that is a nibbler or parameter copier. It has good features such as disk error verification.
PPShow, PPMore  U0A205 PPShow allows you to view crunched pictures. PPMore allows you to view crunched text. Also on disk is Assign, CBdump - clip board dump, DFC - Diskcompiler, Diskpeed - for analyzing diskspeed, File Systems - displays device types, ITB - Icon to brush converter, Keep - takes out text files, Snap - frame text or graphics and copy to another window, Turbo - improves drive speed by turning off things, & WR Run - makes CLI easier.
Transformer to MS Dos U0A265 Use IBM MS Dos on your Amiga 500 with this transformer. You must have your own MS Dos 3 1/2 floppy to continue the operation. When in IBM mode you cannot use sound or graphics.
Utility 1 U0A275 Tapestry - program for attaching pretty pictures to workbench, Image Lab - program used to explore picture Images, Amiga phonebook with load, save, print, dial, modem dialer, sort, and other features.
Utility 2 U0A280 Simgen - good IFF pictures and utility to load them, Dropshadow for workbench shadows, Showprint II - to view IFF files, Flaskey - Icon Tool, Windowiconer, Scriptit, & more.
Utility 3 U0A285 QED - very excellent text editor like word processor, Hotkey, Myu Menu, Show Font, & Task X.
Utility 4 U0A290 Analog Joystick, Auto disk Swap, Click Dos-file CLI utility, Step Rate, Record Replay, Sound Filter, & Printer Driver Generator.
Drop Cloth/ DSbackup U0F128 Drop Cloth puts a pattern on Work Bench backdrop, SDbackup is a hard disk backup, & also on disk is Dis Disassember, Led Clock a clock program, Sed Stream editer, Wkeys, & Pit Driver. Must work from CLI.
Crossdos/Dis Disassembler U0F240 Crossdos allows you to read and write MSDos/PCDos & Atari ST formated disks to Amiga Dos, Dis is a dissassembler, Also on disk is DM Maps or IFF maps to the Dungeon Master Game, MemLib link library of routines for debugging memory problems & more. Some of these are Cli driven.
Simgen/ Warp Utility U0F243 Simgen adds 2 or 4 color pictures to the workbench screen, Superlines is a line demo with a control panel, Warp Utility reads compressed files, Fragit is a memory thrasher, Imagelab makes an Image of IFF files, LPE allows to draw pictures with boxes, Nclick silences the click of empty drives, Pcopy is a diskcopier, & Password is a program for security. Some of thse programs are CLI driven.
Atof/ Bootintro/ Fenster U0F245 Atof is a utility that allows you to use fonts from another disk through CLI, Bootintro creates a small intro on disk with a bootblock, Fenster helps arrange windows, Pathmaster is a file requester with lots of features & Reversi game. Most of these are run through CLI.
Jumble/ Lotto/ Qmouse U0F262 Jumble solves anagrams, Lotto is for club use for member arrangement and door prices, Qmouse is a mouse accelerator, Indent is a C source code indenter, & World Data Bank inspects the earth with geographical data.
LHA File Archiver/ LAZi U0F637 LHA is quick archiver that is compatible to MS-Dos LhArch V1.13 & LHA V2.12. It is memory efficient with compression and decompression routines. Alos on disk is LAZi a graphic interface for the archive utilities Lharc, Arc, & Zoo. LAZi will add, delete, extract & update multiple files.
P-Compress U0F650 Nice and easy to use compression & decompression program using LZH compression algorithms. Can handle single files, whole drawers, disks, or selected files.
On ScreenKeyboard for Amiga U0F572 Allows use to use your Amiga without a keyboard. Also on disk are other utilities o- Check4men, CopperMaster, AutoAddRam, Superplay, ZeroVirus & more.

Virus Checking & Removal (VR)

Virus Killer VR0140 Will check every disk for a Virus. Good utility. Instructions - Double click on V of Virus X. Move mouse button and move line down about 1 inch. Remove #140. It has checked itself. You are now ready to check a disk for virus-if you find a virus the screen will heal it.
Virus Checker VRA300 Good virus checker with pull down menus and easy to use. Allows you to check and see if any disk has a virus in any location. Also allows you to kill virus.
Virus X 4.0 VRA305 Newest virus checker that gets the known viruses. The program allows you to check to see if any disk has a virus. Instructions are on the disk. You must use KV or Kill Virus through the CLI in order to kill virus on disk. Disk also includes puzzle maker that also prints, & Othello.

Word Processing & Utilities (WP)

Word Processor WP0115 Word Processor with spell checker disctionary, paint program called V Draw & terminal program called VT - 1.
Text Plus WP00151 Excellent full featured word processor.
Textengine Wordprocessor WP0241 Excellent commercial quality word processor with spell check. Easy to use.
Text Paint WPA262 Great Word Processor that you can also paint pictures with.

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