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Surplus and Bargain priced Dos, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows 98 games, educational programs, word processing, business and productivity software, etc. Authentic software in original new packaging. Programs and games on CD. Ribbons, cables and other accessories and supplies for new and old PC Compatible systems.

Note: Many of the programs listed on this web page may not work on newer versions of Windows.

Special Ordering and Quantity Pricing Available! 
In addition to the huge selection of older and newer IBM and Windows compatible software and games on this list we can also SPECIAL ORDER many other older and newer software titles and may be able to save you significant time and money. We can also offer QUANTITY PRICING upon request. Please contact us if you are looking for anything which is not listed or if you desire quantity pricing. Due to shipping and handling costs it is unlikely that we can save you much money by special ordering items under $40 value unless ordered in multiple quantities or in conjunction with other items. Special ordering requires a 50% downpayment which is non-refundable unless the ordered item(s) are unavailable, defective, or not as ordered. "Free Shipping" does not apply to special ordered items unless previously agreed to. For Special Ordering procedures and policies please read the Special Ordering section of our Company Policy prior to Special Ordering anything.

IBM Hardware and CD Software
Some IBM-compatible hardware, software, and accessories may be listed under the Commodore 64 and/or Great Games sections of this price list.)

3.5" and 5.25" Retail Floppy Disk software for IBM, Windows and DOS

Slightly Old Shareware & Public Domain Programs on 3 1/2" and 5.25" Floppy Disks for IBM Compatibles (Early 90's to mid 90's)

Very Old Shareware and Public Domain Programs on 5 1/4" and 3.5" Floppy Disk for IBM Compatibles (Mid 80's to late 80's)

See "Ordering Details" for limited exceptions

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Microsoft and Corel WordPerfect OEM Products available to system vendors only or to individuals purchasing qualifying hardware Windows 95 and Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Microsoft Office 95 and 97, Microsoft Works, Windows 3.1, MS Dos 6.22, WordPerfect and other Microsoft and Corel OEM software. A good selection of old Microsoft software. Authentic. Excellent prices! click here

Floppy Disk Programs and games

Click here to see our big list of available 3.5" and 5.25" Retail Floppy Disk software originals for IBM, Windows and DOS. These are older titles. Most have never been opened or used!

Ability Office 2002 with Print Artist 12

Amazing MS Office compatible program for 1/10th the price. CD also includes Print Artist 12 and more! Click here for more details. $39

Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade (CD version)
Incredible Price!

Upgrade from Windows 3.x or OS/2 (version 2 or later) to Windows 95. Includes Internet Explorer 4.0 also! Recommended hardware needed: 486 or better processor, 8 mb ram, CD drive, VGA monitor, 45 mb (or more) available hard drive space. New (sealed) retail box but box may be slightly blemished in some way. Note: This is the upgrade version and it requires that Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11 or OS/2 (version 2 or later) be installed on your computer prior to loading. If you need this same upgrade version on 3.5" disks click here. If you need either the full CD or 3.5" version which do not require a previous version of Windows please click here. $79

Windows 98 2nd Edition (Upgrade version) Upgrade from Windows 3.1, 3.11 or Windows 95 to Windows 98 2nd Edition. New retail package. $112

Incredible QX3+ computer Microscope (Digital Blue)
Amazing and fun way to learn. QX3 Microscope plus into USB port and allows you to view images on your computer screen. Awesome software allows you to make fun projects from the microscopic images. Designed for ages 7 to adult. We are out of the newer version QX5 microscopes but these are basically the same thing at a great price. Designed for Windows XP. We assume these will work on Windows Vista but we are not 100% sure. New retail box. Only one of these remaining! This last remaining one is new but the lower corner of the box got squished in a bit. The contents are fine but the box looks a little imperfect. $109 ea.

SiteAdvisor Plus Web Security (McAfee) New retail box. 2008 version. This software identifies and shields you from risky websites. For Windows XP, Vista or 2000 (32 bit with SP-4). Requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or later and/or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later. apparently sold already
VirusScan 6.0 (McAfee) New package. Slightly older version of the popular antivirus software. For Windows XP. apparently sold already

Internet Security Suite 2007 (CA) New package. Slightly older version of the popular antivirus software. For Windows XP, 2000, ME and 98SE. Requires 256 MB ram, 300 mhz processor or better, 60 mb hard drive space. Windows 98SE not supported any more. $32

Norton Antivirus 2002
Full retail version of Norton Antivirus for Windows XP, Windows ME, NT Workstation, 2000 Pro and Windows 98. CD in new flat color folder. sold

Norton Antivirus 2002 Full retail version of Norton Antivirus for Windows XP, Windows ME, NT Workstation, 2000 Pro and Windows 98. CD in new retail box. sold

Norton Antivirus 2001 and 2002 (OEM version) Norton's Antivirus 2002 and 2001 OEM versions. See our OEM webpage and policy.

Norton Antivirus 2000 Version 6 of the extremely popular antivirus software. CD. sold

Norton Personal Firewall 2002 New retail packages. Keep hackers out and personal data in. For Windows XP Home, XP Pro, 2000 Pro, NT Workstation, ME, and 98. sold

Norton Utilities 2.0 for Windows 95 New. CD in new retail box. Unrivaled problem-solving power. Unrivaled control of your computer. sold

QuickBooks 2005 Basic (Intuit) Previously owned. Prior owner indicates he never used or activated it. Complete package included. Email for availability. Possibly sold. $89

MetaStock Professional version 8.0 (Equis) New Stock Market analysis software. Helps you make better trades. CD software and documentation in new retail box. For Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000 and XP. sold

Picture It! Photo Premium (Microsoft) New. CD in new retail box. Version 9. Incredible advanced tools for digital photography. Easily edit, create, share and add special effects to your photographs! Includes thousands of images also! call

Discount Priced educational games from the Learning Company, Davidson, Mecc, Disney and Broderbund for Windows 95, 98, ME and XP computers! click here for more details.

Heavily Discounted Educational software and games Click here to see a big list of heavily discounted learning programs and children's software

Miscellaneous old computer items Miscellaneous parts, accessories and software for old IBM compatible computers. Hard to find older items.

The Bootstrap: A 20,000 classic book library on CD The Ultimate Etext Library on 5 CD disks or 1 computer DVD. An extensive collection of the greatest literary, historical and educational classics. Click here for more information. Please specify CD or computer DVD version. $44 (Call or email before ordering to verify availability.)

Microsoft Plus! 98 Companion for Windows 98

Microsoft Plus 98 companion for Windows 98 on CD. Also includes Microsoft Golf 1998 Lite! Requires Windows 98. Adds enhancements to Win 98 for work and play including: powerful system utilities, new themes, cool games, deluxe CD player, Picture It! Express, Lose your Marbles (Sega) game, Spider Solitaire, and a 1998 version of McAfee VirusScan! New. $37

PowerDVD by CyberLink
(version 3.0)
Incredible Power DVD for Windows 98 and ME. Allows you to play DVD movies on your computer if you have a DVD drive and adequate system requirements. Includes many amazing features (capturing, subtitles, viewing options, etc.) which supercede the capabilities of standard DVD players. Requires: Pentium II 350 (or above) or Celeron with equivalent capabilities, 32 mb ram (or more), Windows 95/98/2000/ME or NT4 (Sp3+), and a DVD drive. New CD in sleeve with installation code. Very old but unused. $32 ea. or $27 ea. for 2 or more.

WinDVD 4 Another software program for watching DVD movies on a computer having a DVD drive. For Windows 98, NT4, 2000, ME or XP. New CD in sleeve only. $39

Scholastic's Magic School Bus Animals CD (Microsoft)

Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the World of Animals. Recommended for ages 6-10. Very popular educational game for children! Requires Windows 95 or higher with 8 mb ram. Needs 486SX/33 or higher processor. (Pentium recommended). New retail box from Microsoft. $32

Scholastic's Magic School Bus Rainforest CD (Microsoft)

Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest. Recommended for ages 6-10. Very popular educational game for children! Requires Windows 95 or higher with 8 mb ram. Needs 486SX/33 or higher processor. (Pentium recommended). New retail box from Microsoft. $32

Scholastic's Magic School Bus Ocean CD (Microsoft)

Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean. Recommended for ages 6-10. Very popular educational game for children! Requires Windows 95 or higher with 8 mb ram. Needs 486SX/33 or higher processor. (Pentium recommended). New retail box from Microsoft. $32

Incredible Edmark 6 CD learning bundle
(for new and slightly old systems)

Incredible Price!!!
97 World Book Encyclopedia, Sammy's Science House (ages 3-6), Mighty Math Carnival Countdown (ages 5-8), Strategy Challenges (ages 8-adult), Imagination Express: Destination Rain Forest, Imagination Express: Destination Castle. Note: The World Book Encyclopedia in this bundle does not function well with CD drives faster than 8x for some reason. However, it works flawlessly with the slower CD drives. The rest of the CDs in this set don't have any problems. All of these titles except the World Book Encyclopedia are Edmark products. 1997 vintage. $12


Premium Pack (IBM) Has 3 new CDs in original attractive package. Includes Mighty Math Number Heroes (Edmark), The Encyclopedia of U.S. Endangered Species and Kid Riff. For Windows 3.1 or higher. Number Heroes and Endangered Species will also work on Macintosh. $42

World Book 1999 Standard Edition (IBM) Beautiful new retail box version on CD. Has every article from the World Book Encyclopedia! School curriculum-based content. Includes pictures, videos, maps, sound clips and much more. $42

Charlton Heston Bible Voyage of the New Testament
(New retail packages)
Incredibly nice Bible stories and narration performed on location in the Holy Land by the famous actor. This software has beautiful photos, video segments, music, artwork, maps and 3-D animations which really makes for an excellent faith-promoting multimedia CD experience. Also includes the entire text of the New Testament Gospels (King James version). Because this CD-rom was made in 1995 it works beautifully on the vast majority of all older and newer systems having Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows XP. When using on Windows 98 and XP the program only uses a window of about 2/3 of the screen size probably due to lower resolution requirements and/or settings. Might be possible to adjust Windows screen resolution to make the program look a little nicer by filling the entire screen on 98 or XP. Also works on Macintosh! $19

The Complete Multimedia Bible (Comptons New Media) New retail box version for Windows 95 and 3.1 on CD. Narrated by James Earl Jones. Includes complete King James Version of the Bible along with narrations, video segments, photos, cross-referencing, topic tree, maps, search feature, more! $39

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe Edition (Broderbund) New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Spy travel adventure brings geography to life! For kids ages 9 & up. Catch Carmen and her traveling tricksters. Be an agent of ACME Detective Agency! Great fun! Deluxe Edition includes Internet support, foreign language training and multimedia video and map library & more! (Contains Windows 95, 98 & 3.1 and Mac versions). New retail box. Exterior of package may be slightly imperfect. $39

Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego? (Broderbund) New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Spy travel adventure brings USA geography to life! For kids ages 9 & up. Catch Carmen and her traveling tricksters. Be an agent of ACME Detective Agency! Great fun! Includes: electronic reference tools and internet support, foreign language training and multimedia video and map library & more! (Contains Windows 95, 98 & 3.1 and Mac versions). New retail box. $39

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (Broderbund) New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Time-travel adventure brings history to life! Includes original theme song from the hit PBS show to play on your audio CD player also! For kids ages 9-14. Catch Carmen and her time-traveling tricksters before they plunder another precious relic from the past. Be an agent of ACME Detective Agency! Great fun! (Contains Windows 95, 98 & 3.1 and Mac versions). New retail box. call or email for availability and price

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time (The Learning Company) New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Time-Travel Adventures bring history to life! Capture Carmen Sandiego and her crooked cronies! For kids ages 8-12. 18 different historic adventures help expand your knowledge of U.S. and World History, historic events, personalities and achievements, ancient civilizations and cultures and scientific advances. Develop skills in deductive reasoning, research skills, comprehension and historical analysis! (Contains Windows 3.1,95, 98 and Mac versions). call or email for price and availability

Carmen Sandiego: Junior Detective Edition (Broderbund) New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Introduction to Countries and Cultures. Specially designed for younger children. Search for Carmen Sandiego and her wily gang. For kids ages 5-8. (Contains Windows 3.1,95, 98 and Mac versions). $39

Atari Anniversary Edition
12 of the best classic Atari games with all the action, sights and sounds you remember! Includes: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Centipede, Crystal Castles, Gravitar, Millipede, Missile Command, Pong, Super Breakout, Tempest and Warlords! Each Atari title is faithfully reproducted to the last detail to run on Microsoft Windows 95 or higher. Also includes video interviews with original game designers, original press releases and a desktop theme collection (mouse pointers, system icons, fonts, screen savers and wallpaper). New CD in sleeve. $42

JamIt Digital Sound Mixer Microphone

A digital sound lab that fits in the palm of your hand! Record and play back up to 4 minutes of sound from any location using the built in microphone and speaker. Then you can download the sound into your PC or Mac computer and morph, warp, or sync the sounds with digital pictures or send the recording via email. Create bizarre sound effects with your creations! These are new retail packages complete with cable, user's guide and software. 3 AAA batteries required-- not included. For Windows 95 and 98 or better with 166 mhz or faster computer. Unused but very old. $27

Gus and the CyberBuds Software Schoolhouse
for Windows and Macintosh
Early learning fun for Ages 3 and up. Educational CD packages include: Science: Recycling with Gus (Ages 3-8), Science: Dino Spot-N-Match, Math: Spartagus (Ages 3 & up), Problem Solving: Rave's Picture Puzzles (Ages 3 & up), and Reading: Gus's Secret Cybergliphics (Ages 3-8). These are Award Winning Learning Adventures! Each package also includes bonus Sing-A-Long Songs! Please specify which of the above packages you want. New retail packaging. Requires CD drive, 8 mb ram, VGA monitor, 256 colors, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 or System 7 (Macintosh) or later. $22 ea.

Unabridged Dictionary Collection (Random House) Incredible 3 CD collection. Very current 2002 version in new retail box. Includes Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, Merriam-Webster's American Concise Encyclopedia, Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature (with over 10,000 entries!) and Merriam-Webster's Children's Dictionary. email for availability

CD Magician CD repair kit and CD cleaning machine

This great cleaning kit is a 2 in 1 professional automatic portable Repairer and Cleaner device for multimedia,
games, audio CD, VCD, DVD movie discs, CD-R / CD-RW and DVD-R discs and other optical discs. This durable disc cleaner can: repair minor scratches, remove fingerprints, clean dust and stain, form a protective layer on the disc, etc.. It comes with a Cleaning Kit with: cleaning solution, 1 brush, and 2 cleaning units and a Repair Kit with: repair solution, 1 brush, and 2 repair units. Translucnet Green. 25 second auto-stop cleaning time. Low noise motor. LED Access indicator, Wet cleaning head, Dry cleaning head, 6V DC Jack, Start button, Open button. User-friendly Hands-free operation during cleaning/repair process. Uses 4 x AAA batteries or AC adapter (NOT INCLUDED).

blank disks New 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks

Microsoft Money 99 Basic version CD version in new retail box. $37

Old TurboTax software from Intuit

The number 1 best selling tax software on the market is TurboTax by Intuit. Old tax software versions still available. Click Here for prices and more information.

Old Tax Cut software from Kiplinger Old versions of H&R Block's TaxCut software from Kiplinger. Click Here for prices and more information.

Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 (Retail version for Windows 3.1)
Corel WordPerfect 7 Suite for Windows 3.1 on CD rom. In new unopened jewel case. Includes WordPerfect 7, Quattro Pro 7, Corel Presentations 7, CorelFLOW 3, Sidekick 95, Netscape Navigator 2.01, Dashboard 95, Envoy 7, 150 Fonts and 10,000 clipart images! Incredible value! call or email for price and availability

Small Business Complete 2003 (NOLO) Start, Run and Market your business with this in depth package. Understand business taxes, create a business plan, market effectively, over 100 business and legal forms. CD in new retail box for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. $42

PDF Producer (Data Becker) Easily and affordably create and deliver Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat reader compatible documents to anyone in a professional and tamper-proof manner. CD in new retail box for Windows XP and 2000. $44

Burn & Go CD/DVD creation and labelling software (Iomega) Burn and label DVDs, music CDs, backups, digital photos, games and more! CD in new retail box. Requires CD burner and/or DVD burner and Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP. $44

System Commander Deluxe (VCom) Have multiple operating systems on the same computer! Supports Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, Dos, Unix, Linux and more! 3.5" software in new retail box. Sold out

WebEditor 5.5 (Namo) The All-In-One solution for Creating Web Sites! For beginners or experts! CD in new retail box for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. $42

EDO 32 mb 72 pin simm memory (New) These are getting hard to find but we just found a large quantity! Upgrade the memory of your older Pentium computer at a good price. EDO ram was most common for Pentium class computers made between about late 95 and early 98 (primarily in the 100mhz to 300 mhz range). We recommend that you buy these in pairs to assure compatibility. New. Factory sealed. Made by Viking. $59 per pair (64 mb total)

ViaVoice Web (Millennium Edition) by IBM You talk, it types. The ultimate way to surf the net by using voice commands! New retail box! $42

Professor Windows Multimedia Interactive CD tutorial for Windows 3.1 and 3.11

Rare vintage (former bestseller) tutorial for learning Windows 3.1 and 3.11. Includes entire Windows 3.11 for Dummies book on CD as an added bonus! Published by Individual Software Inc. Full retail box. Special offer shown on front of box for Windows 95 upgrade is no longer available. For vintage retro Windows 3.1 and 3.11 computers. Not for newer versions of Windows. $22

Sams Teach Yourself Windows 98 in 24 Hours (Macmillan) Professional and personalized interactive instruction CD. Features include: Practice mode, Demo Mode (where a virtual instructor demonstrates how to use various features and concepts about Windows 98), Progress tracking, Glossary and cross-referencing of concepts. call for availability and pricing

Winblows 98 Parody (Parroty Interactive) Humorous parody of the manufacturer of the most popular operating systems in the world. Side-splitting spoofs will cheer you up after a hard day of work. $32

World Book Encyclopedia 1999 Incredibly nice encyclopedia at a giveaway price! New CDs in sleeve. $42

Infobase Collector's Library Used incredible L.D.S. Gospel Infobase Library CD is the 1998 second (or "B") version for Windows 98 and Windows 95. Contains the entire L.D.S. (Mormon) scriptures including the entire Book of Mormon and the entire King James Bible! Totalling 2300 gospel works, 3000 total works plus many more! Includes license but no other documentation. Used but guaranteed. call or email

LDS Collector's Library '97 Incredible L.D.S. Collectors Library for 1997 on CD for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Has original box and documentation. Outter box has been opened but inner jewel case containing the CD software has never been opened and is in its original shrinkwrapping. Has over 1,400 LDS works. call or email

LDS Collectors Edition for Windows (Infobases) Used LDS Collectors Edition for Windows. 1994 version. Slightly scratched CD in jewel case. No documentation included. $27

Gospel Infobase Library CD-Rom (Infobases) Like-new June 1992 Edition with 81 classic titles on one CD. Dos version requires Dos 3.0 or higher and 512k ram. Has complete Bible & Book of Mormon and much more! Used. $49

L.D.S. Collector's Library '97 user's manual only Somehow we ended up with an extra users guide for the LDS Collectors Library 1997. If you need just the manual here it is! $34

L.D.S. Scriptures Infobase collection for Windows 3.1 and Mac Infobase sampler edition for Windows 3.1 and Mac on CD rom. Has entire Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers, 3000 Quotes, many other L.D.S. works and much more. New, but may have been opened for inspection. $42

Ultimate LDS Library on CD-Rom for Dos (Portals/Covenant) New retail package. 1995 Dos version. Has 895 LDS works including the LDS Standard Works, Joseph Smith Translation of the King James Bible, Documentary History of the Church, 35 books by Latter-Day prophets, 200 Editions of Church Periodicals (Times and Seasons, Messenger), 500 Historical Writings and Biographies from Pioneer Saints, Conference addresses from 1950 to 1970, Journal of Discourses, 50 Books from the LDS Reference Library and much more! $67

LDS Clips for Mac and Windows. Over 300 images of beautiful LDS clipart (by Inspire Graphics 1997) on CD rom. Includes all of the LDS Clips Volume 1 and lds clips volume 2 (see below) plus 30 additional images! Also includes free World Temples mouse pad! Includes EPS (vector), PICT (vector/bitmap) and TIFF (bitmap) images for Mac. Also includes .wmf (vector), .cgm (vector), .wpg (vector), and .bmp (bitmap) images for Windows. Images will print in color or gray! Works on Mac versions of WordPerfect, Word, Printshop Deluxe, MS Works, Claris Draw, MacPaint, MacDraw, PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker and Quark Express. New full retail box. $27

Invent It! (Hammermill Papers) Featuring The Print Shop Ensemble 3 by Broderbund For Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. New retail package (opened for inspection only) with CD disk. Includes special paper for inkjet printers for creating Banners, Iron-On Transfers, Greeting Cards, Decals, Signs, Post Cards and Business Cards! 1997 version of PrintShop Ensemble III CD is included! $44

PrintShop CD Ensemble for Windows 3.1 (Broderbund) New retail package of the Original Print Shop Deluxe CD Ensemble for Windows 3.1. $44

PrintMaster Gold CD Bonus Pack version 2 New. CD in sleeve only. Create beautiful cards, signs, posters, calendars, etc. This combo CD includes versions for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 on the same CD! $44

Gallery Magic 65,000 (Corel) Incredible collection of 25,000 clipart images and 40,000 royalty-free photos. Also includes 500+ fonts and 100+ Web Theme sets. CD format in new retail box for Windows 95 & Windows 3.1x. call or email

Drawing Discoveries (Stepping Stone) Begin creating pictures in minutes with 15 step-by-step art lessons! New CD in jewel case for Windows 95 or 3.1. Has game features, tutorials, coloring book mode and much more! For ages 8 and above. $44

MasterTech 2000 Multimedia tutorial shows how to upgrade PCs for Windows 98. Also has utility for testing for Y2k readiness. Tremendous information about how to install and use DVD drives, USB devices, multiple monitors, modems, TV tuner cards, etc. $42

Drive Image 2.0 (PowerQuest) 1998 version. Complete hard-drive imaging for fast backups, system recovery and upgrades. CD in retail box for Windows 95, 3.x, NT, Dos or OS/2. Outter box has been opened for inspection but inner CD pack has never been opened. sold

Guardian Angel (PowerQuest) 1998 version. Safeguard your installed programs and critical files from harmful changes. Monitor program installation and track Internet activity. Allows you to undo any changes made to your system. Control access of other users. CD in retail box for Windows 95 or higher. Outter box has been opened but inner CD pack has never been opened. $44

MusicStar Piano learning system (Reveal)
Incredible Music Star software with small MIDI keyboard and cables in new retail package! Works on older Windows systems also! Interactive software teaches piano lessons and allows you to jam and record! Also includes music school for learning music theory and about great composers and musical instruments! Software has many incredible features and allows you to produce the sounds of many different instruments! Sold Out

Reveal MusicStar Piano learning system software If you have a Reveal MusicStar keyboard and cables but don't have the software we can help you. call or email for price

CyberSound Studio Midi Keyboard & Incredible Software

Compact MIDI music keyboard with cables and incredible software transforms your Pentium 133 or higher Windows 95 computer into a complete music studio. Requires soundcard. Sold Out

Learning Company Sampler CD Playable demo CD with demo versions of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and several other demos including Reader Rabbit, Oregon Trail 4th edition, Clue Finders and more! For Windows 95 & 98. $34

Easy Forms Maker (SoftKey) Create fast, easy custom forms on your computer! CD version. Requires Windows 3.1 or higher. $37

Expresso Expresso (New CD only) make Calendars, Address Book, To-Do Lists, etc. $37

Ribbons for old Dot Matrix Printers Large selection of ribbons and cartridges for old dot matrix printers. Many are listed under our Dot Matrix Printer and Commodore ribbon section. call or email

On-Line Game collection from Sierra
(1997 vintage)
Note: Online support may no longer be available. Very limited supply available.

Rare and awesome 12 on-line game collection for Windows 95 internet users. Includes Red Baron II (Multi-player), Lords of the Realm II, Outpost 2, 3-D Ultra Mini Golf, FPS: Golf, Dr. Brain Puzzles, Hoyle Poker, Hoyle Blackjack, Birthright, The Realm, You Don't Know Jack, and You Don't Know Jack: Sports. Requires modem and you must also have internet access. Note: This is a vintage 1997 collection. We are not sure if there is still online support of this collection. We are not sure to what degree (if any) these games can be utilized without online support. Please keep this in mind when ordering. We suggest that you investigate the viability of online support before ordering. This collection is probably a collector's item by now because of the way that online gaming has become so popular. This 1997 Sierra online-only game collection was likely one of the pioneering efforts of the huge online gaming industry of today! See all 12 photos at left. Very limited supply available. sold. Used set with CDs and in original jewel case only available for $99. In nice condition. No box included.

Hunter Hunted (Sierra) New CD in sleeve only. For ages 13+ $37

Sierra Originals New CDs in unopened jewel cases. Dos based games. Titles include: Stellar 7, Caesar, When Two Worlds War, Afterlife, Search for Cetus, Inca and Air Bucks version 1.2. Please specify which game you want! Note: We may be out of Afterlife. Please email or call before ordering Afterlife to verify availability. $32 ea.

WarWind II Human Onslaught (SSI & Mindscape)

War Wind II for Windows 95 on CD in full new retail box.


call or email before ordering

Strategy Companion CD-Rom 1994 New in jewel cases. This CD contains a slightly old collection of fun Dos shareware games for VGA. Most of these play directly from the CD. $42

Interactive CD sampler This is an excellent family CD! Tremendous collection of some of the best educational and arcade programs and utilities in special demo versions. Printmaster, Algebra Wizard, Draw-A-Story, Sega Arcade game, etc. Probably mid 1990's vintage. $42

Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pack

Requires full version of Duke Nukem 3D. The only expansion pak by the makers of Duke Nukem 3D. Full new retail box. CD. Package may be slightly squished. sold

Aftershock for Quake

Requires registered version of Quake. New retail box. CD $44

Mindscape 10 CD pack (Ten Pack II)

10 exciting DOS CD games. These games also run in the DOS mode of Windows 95. Includes: Alien Logic, Tom Landry Strategy Football, Commander Blood, D/Generation, Ultimate Domain, Metal Marines, MegaRace, Crystal Caliburn Pinball, Jet Fighter II and Casino Master Multimedia $44

Inside Magic (HMI) Learn over 50 magic tricks and sleights using coins, cards and other simple props. Hosted by Peter Grand, master magician. QuickTime movies demonstrate important techniques onscreen. Helpful instructions, interesting insights and password protection to keep your secrets safe! CD for Windows 95 and old Macintosh computers in new retail box. $44

Carmageddon (High Octane)

Interplay's Driver Destruction Derby. Dos CD. This is a violent game-- not recommended for younger children. sold

Moto Racer CD (Electronic Arts) Motorcycle racing game for Windows 95. $44

Links LS 1999 golf

Access software's award winning golf simulator. Has 1998 version (including Bay Hill Club, Latrobe, Entrada courses) with 1999 upgrade (which includes Kapalua Village)! New. Includes extra Congressional Country Club course CD also! $44

Rage Incoming CD game for Windows 95. $44

Tom Clancy's Politika (Red Storm/Mindscape)

Can you deal with Russia in Turmoil? This CD game for Windows 95 will find out. Supports internet play. Includes Tom Clancy's novel. Full retail box. $37

Stephen Hawking Life in the Universe (Metatools) Explore the mysteries of Physics, Science, Life, Energy, Space and the Earth with the brilliant Stephen Hawking's tremendous insights! Includes multimedia explorations, animations, timelines and science games! Works on Windows 3.1, 95 and Macintosh! New retail box. call or email for availability and price

High School Advantage for Windows 95 and 3.1 Fantastic 6 CD-Rom educational set for High School Students. This set is 1996-97 vintage. Includes Mathematics, History, Chemistry, Accounting, French & Spanish $44

Berlitz French (The Learning Company) An easy, fun and interactive way to learn French. Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and Macintosh CD in new retail box. $44

Instant Immersion English: English as a Second Language (Topics) Improve your english instantly using the Euro Method! 4 CD set in new retail box for Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000 also works on Macintosh computers. Interactive speech and litening! Learn to speak english step-by step. Also includes 8 in 1 English Dictionary! call or email for price and availability

15 Storybook CD Bundle from Discis (less than $1.50 ea!) 15 Fun interactive storybook cds. Requires Windows 3.1 and 256 colors. This set includes the following titles: Cinderella, The Night Before Christmas, A Long Hard Day on the Ranch, Thomas' Snowsuit, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Mud Puddle, The Paper Bag Princess, The Cask of Amontillado, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, Scary Poems for Rotten Kids, The Necklace, Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache, The Tell-Tale Heart, Aesop's Fables and Heather Hits Her First Home Run. Helps develop reading skills. For children AND grown-ups! Originally for the Memorex VIS system but includes 3.5" disk for allowing the CDs to work on very old IBM compatible systems. $44

Mickey's Print Studio CD (Disney) Make cards, awards, signs, etc. w/ Disney clipart and Mickey Mouse and Friends! Original unused CD only. Mid 1990's vintage probably. $17

Kid Pix Deluxe 3 (Broderbund) New KidPix 3 Deluxe CD in sleeve for Windows. $42

Etch A Sketch computer game (Screen Magic)

Incredible simulation of the classic Etch-A-Sketch toy. Includes a real (miniature) Etch A Sketch machine at no extra charge! Works on Windows 3.1 or higher. Full retail box with CD disk. $44

Compton's 97 Excellent old version of Comptons 1997 multimedia encyclopedia on CD-Rom. Nice! $27

Compton's 96
Excellent old version of Comptons 1996 multimedia encyclopedia on CD-Rom. Nice! Works on Windows 3.1 or 95! $25

1996 Reference CD
Nice old version of 96 Comptons Reference collection (dictionary, quotes, style, more). $24

ViaVoice Web Millennium Edition (IBM) New retail box. You talk, it types. The ultimate way to surf the net. Chat, create e-mail and instant messages just by talking. $44

L&H VoiceXpress Advanced (version 4) New retail box. The ultimate in speech recognition. 1999 vintage on CD. $44

Talking Dictionary CD By American Heritage. 200,000 words. Windows 95. $17

Rand McNally Software and Printed Map Value Bundle Contains 44 printed state maps covering the entire United States. Also contains Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe 1999 version. Incredible value. $149 retail value! $69

TripMaker 1998 by Rand McNally The easiest way to plan your trip. Maps, directions, tips, tools, money savers, detail! CD version for Windows 95 in retail box. $44

Home Depot's Home Improvement 1-2-3 CD Excellent Home Depot CD shows and tells how to do home repairs and improvements. Includes Windows and Mac Versions. 1995 version. $25

Internet Advantage Photo Family Tree (Lifeware) 1995-1996 vintage genealogy program on CD in new unopened jewel case. Designed by a professional genealogist. Produces all major genealogical charts and allows photos. $44

Day Planner Pro (Softkey) New CD in jewel case for Windows 95 and 3.1. Includes: Appointment Scheduler, To Do List, Address Book, Phone Dialer, Alarms, Pinboard, Timer, Calculator and Message Pad. $17

CD Deluxe Pack 4
(very old CD version for older computers)
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2.0, Chessmaster 4000 Turbo, U.S. Atlas version 4.0 & World Atlas version 4.0 . Note: Chessmaster 4000 Turbo appears to be incompatible with Windows XP but works fine with Windows 3.1, 95 and 98. We haven't tested it on Windows ME. This 2.0 version of Mavis Beacon Typing might be a good choice for Windows 3.1 users. $19

CD Deluxe Pack 6
(slightly older CD version for newer computers)
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 3.0, Chessmaster 4000 Turbo, U.S. Atlas version 5.0 & World Atlas version 5.0 . See above note regarding Chessmaster compatibility with XP. This 3.0 version of Mavis Beacon Typing works good on Windows 95, 98 and ME. It also seems to work fine on Windows XP except it works in a slightly reduced size window which can be increased by reducing the display resolution setting in the control panel. $16

CD Deluxe Pack 7
(newer CD version for newer computers)
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 5.0, U.S. Atlas version & Almanac AND World Atlas & Almanac . $19

The Oregon Trail
Oregon Trail for Dos! Classic edition of one of the best selling DOS CD programs ever made! Survive pioneer life in 1848. Teaches reading comprehension, problem solving, history, geography and survival skills! For ages 10- Adult. $26

Mighty Math Number Heroes (Edmark) Builds basic concepts and problem-solving skills required for math success! New CD in jewel case. For Windows and Mac. $27

Mad Dog McCree 1 & 2 Shoot-em up arcade western adventure. Includes both part 1 and part 2. 2 new CDs in jewel case. $29

Mad Dog McCree 1 & 2 Shoot-em up arcade western adventure. Includes both part 1 and part 2. 2 new CDs in jewel case. $29

Peter and the Wolf Children and adults enjoy beautiful music and fun interactiveness. Narrated by Tony Randall! New CD in jewel case. $44

Lenny's MusicToons, Busy-Town and Mega Rock Rap'n Roll (Paramount Interactive) New CD in sleeve includes Lenny's Music Toons, Busy Town (The Busy World of Richard Scarry) and Mega Rock Rap'n Roll. 1993 vintage. $16

Jungle Book Fun children's game. New CD in jewel case. Very old but unused. $19

Tale of Peter Rabbit Interactive storybook tale of Peter Rabbit. CD for old versions of Windows. $17

The Legends of OZ CD Games, video clips and complete stories about the Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz computer game CD. Includes Macintosh and Windows versions. One Hundred Years of OZ. $17

Number Munchers CD (Learning Company)
Master basic math skills the fast and easy way. Ages 8 to adult. Works on Macintosh or MS-DOS. $17

Troggle Trouble Math (Mecc) CD in new retail package for Windows and Macintosh. Ages 6-12. Fun way to learn math skills. call or email

Logic Quest (Learning Company) Dynamic 3-D Medieval Adventure with challenging mazes, puzzles and construction activities. CD for Windows 3.1 & 95. Full retail box. $42

Turn Around Turtle (Corel) Early learners will have big fun with this CD. Very old but unused. $35

Let's Explore the Airport with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug (Humongous Entertainment & Random House) Early learners will have big fun with this CD. call or email

Gus Goes to Cyberstone Park
Fun interactive adventure for young children. $25

Superstar Science CD Explore the fundamentals of physical science. $19

EZ Language (IMSI) The simple vocabulary and pronunciation tutor for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese. New CD disk in jewel case. Requires Windows 3.1 or higher, 2 mb ram & soundblaster compatible sound card. $37

Barbie Magic Hair Styler (Mattel) Create hair and make-up styles for Barbie and her friends. New retail box. CD. $39

Four Footed Friends Learn about animals with this fun educational CD $19

Dinomania Dinosaur screen saver with prehistoric themes, Dinosaur Icons, Jurrassic Wallpaper and Backgrounds. New CD in jewel case for Windows. $15

Best Game CD (Zodiac)
Dark Forces, Terminal Velocity, Heretic, Descent, Rise of the Triad, Doom. Shareware $15

PBA Bowling (Bethesda Softworks) Great bowling simulation for Windows 3.1 or 95. Full-motion digitized players and sound effects. Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels! Individual, practice, team or league competition. Complete control of male or female player-- right or left handed! Many other options. CD disk in new retail box. $32

Theme Park CD game New CD version of Theme Park game by Bullfrog and Electronic arts. Jewel case only. New. $42

Civilization and Mantis bundle CD version of the classic best seller Civilization also comes with Mantis (Experimental Fighter Game). These may be Dos games. New. Documentation included. Very old but unused. $44

Doom Companion CD Maps, game editors, character and sound utilities and game recordings. Requires registered version of Doom. New unopened CD in jewel case $32

Doom Accessory Pack Over 150 new levels for Doom. Map editors, graphics, sound patches, utilities, etc. Requires registered version of Doom. New unopened CD in jewel case. $19

Doom Accessory Pack III Over 150 new levels for Doom II and 500 levels for Doom. Map editors, graphics, sound patches, utilities, etc. Requires registered version of Doom and/or Doom II. New unopened CD in jewel case call or email for price and availability

Return to Zork by Infocom & Activision Another sequel to the incredibly popular Zork series. CD version in sleeve. New. $39

Ocean Explorers CD by Compton's NewMedia Several fun educational games in one! Excellent child's learning program for exploring Ocean life for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 or Macintosh. $17

Zoo Explorers CD by Compton's NewMedia Several fun educational games in one! Excellent child's learning program for exploring many zoo animals. For Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 or Macintosh. $17

San Diego Zoo Animals Popular older CD title for seeing and learning about the animals of the San Diego zoo. New copies. $27

Wintainment 500 CD Incredible CD contains 300+ games and 200+ utilities for all your Windows 95 edutainment needs. $27

Windows Games 50 old Windows shareware games on CD. $19

TV Guide Crosswords Multimedia Crossword CD. Very old but unused. $24

Little Rascals Interactive Moviebook

Educational reading fun and games for ages 4 and above. New retail box. Windows CD rom. $32

Click Here to see many more IBM compatible games and programs! Click here to see many more IBM compatible games and programs!!!

MediaClips Animal Kingdom (Compton's NewMedia) Royalty free Animal CD-ROM images, sounds and movies for business presentations, education and fun. 100 wildlife photographic images (TIFF, BMP), 25 videos of animals in action, 100 .wav audio clips of animal sounds. Windows/Mac CD version. New retail box. $37

3D GameWurx for Windows (CD Odyssey) Incredible 3D & Interactive Games for Windows 3.1 or above. Includes: Nightmare 3-D Episode 1, Nightmare 3-D Episode 2, Nightmare 3-D Episode 3. Also includes Superher. Full registered game versions in new retail box. sold

HomeWurx for Windows (CD Odyssey) New retail packaged CD for Windows 3.1 or above. Includes: Family Photo Album, Family Tree, My Diary and Organize Your Collection Lite. $29

Daily Inspirations for Windows (CD Odyssey) Includes 4 useful and inspirational Christian and Bible programs for Windows 3.1 or higher: The New Testament, Spirit Lifter, People Savers (Christian screen saver), and Inspired. CD in new retail box. $29

Home Office Wurx for Windows (CD Odyssey) Includes 4 programs for Home Office use: Financial Freedom Envelopes, Financial Freedom Cards and Labels, Ultra Easy Bookkeeping v2.5x and Staying in Touch (Business Edition). CD in new retail box for Windows 3.1 or higher. $29

Other CD Odyssey CDs for Windows 3.1 or above Other new retail boxed CD programs for Windows 3.1 or above: Easy Wurx 1, Easy Wurx 2, Home Wurx 2, Shuffle 'n' Roll, ASL Publisher and Collector's Collection. Please specify which one you want. $29 ea.

WinTV-D model 697 (Hauppauge!) Incredible PCI card lets you watch Digital TV with Dolby Digital sound right on your computer screen! Also allows you to capture and save television shows! Includes remote control. Requires Windows 98SE, ME or XP. For a full list of system and video card requirements please go to for more information. $169

JamCam Jr. Digital Camera for Kids (Little Tikes) Digital JamCam, Jr. color camera for kids. New retail package. For ages 3+. Includes Disney's Print Studio Winnie the Pooh Software. Requires: Windows 95 or higher, an open 9-pin serial port and a PS/2 keyboard or PS/2 adapter. $49

Conexant 56k PCI modem New pulls. No drivers included at this price. Drivers for Windows 98 & ME available for $5 extra. These Conextant modems work great with virtually all internet services except America Online. These modems have the number MW560CI on them which we believe is the model number of the modem. $39

Hawking Technology 56k PCI modem for Windows 95 and 98 New retail box with drivers. Has Conexant chip set. V.90/K56Flex Dual mode. Data/Fax/Voice software included! $44

New Keyboards Windows keyboard (specify PS-2 keyboard with small round connector for $44 or Standard AT keyboard with larger round connector for $65). Also available: Acer 101 key black PS-2 keyboard $68. Very old inventory. $44 to

5 pin DIN male to 5 pin DIN female 6' AT keyboard extension cable Extend the length of your AT type PC keyboard by 6 feet! Will not work with PS/2 type keyboards having the smaller DIN connector without a special adapter. Also works as a monitor extension cable for old Commodore computers which use a 5 pin Commodore video cable! $37

New PS-2 style mouse These mice have a small round connector on them. $22

PS-2 adapter for serial port If you are tired of paying high prices for hard to find serial mouse you should buy this special adapter which lets you use the newer (usually less expensive) mice having the small round connector on your old computer which has a 9 pin "D" shaped serial port connector. New. $19

New serial mouse These mice have a 9 pin "D" shaped connector and require a computer with a connector having two rows of pins with 5 pins in one row and 4 in the other row. Comes with 3.5" Windows 3.1 and Dos driver disk. $27

New game grab bag 6 new assorted game CD titles in jewel case or sleeve only. May include older titles May include DOS or Windows games. May also include some shareware CDs. Some missing manuals. No returns or exchanges unless defective. $79

New mixed CD grab Bag 8 new assorted CD titles in jewel case or sleeve only. May include games, educational, utilities, applications, etc. May include DOS and Windows CDs. Some missing manuals. No returns or exchanges unless defective. $75

Mixed CD grab Bag (New and Used) 8 new and/or used assorted CD titles in jewel case or sleeve only. May include games, educational, utilities, applications, etc. May include DOS and Windows CDs. Some missing manuals. No returns or exchanges unless defective. $64

Children's Educational CD grab Bag (NEW) 8 new educational CD titles with jewel cases or sleeves only. For various ages-- usually for ages 10 or under. May include DOS and Windows CDs. No returns or exchanges unless defective. $62

Top 2000+ Shareware CD Incredible older shareware collection on CD. Hundreds of games, educational programs, applications, etc. The vast majority of these programs are for DOS but there is a significant number of older Windows programs also included. $32

old shareware CD grab bag 4 shareware CDs for old computers filled with dozens of old shareware programs from the early 1990's. Many educational and application programs and games are included in a random assortment. Includes many programs for DOS and Windows 3.1. These are still shrinkwrapped in their original unopened jewel cases! $44

Photo Family Tree Geneaology CD (Lifeware) Add photos and internet capabilities to your genealogy research efforts. $29

What is a Bellybutton? (TimeLife & IVI Publishing) Fun and interactive questions and answers about the human body. Windows CD rom in new retail box. (Ages 3-8) $39

Medical HouseCall by Applied Medical Informatics

From the makers of Iliad (the medical expert diagnostic program used by medical schools and physicians) this 1995 vintage medical diagnostic software, record keeping and reference CD is the best and most comprehensive medical diagnostic tool which we had seen when it first came out. In depth information, diagnostics, multimedia, record keeping, procedures, drugs, treatment recommendations, etc. Easily enter your symptoms to obtain information about possible diseases or ailments which fit your profile. These NEW retail packages are on CD disks will run with Windows 3.1 or higher (we recently tested it successfully on Windows XP also) and on Macintosh LCII or higher. We have not tested this on Mac OSX or newer. Excellent! Only a limited quantity of these Medical House Call packages are available at this incredible price! $44

The Family Doctor 1993 Edition (Creative Multimedia) Older version of above mentioned Family Doctor program. Less comprehensive but more affordable. Windows CD in sleeve. $27

A.D.A.M. The Inside Story (1995 version) 1995 version of ADAM The Inside story. Incredible multimedia CD for studying human anatomy. For Windows 95 and 3.1. Retail box. $27

Rx Works (1996 version) Nutri Data Systems New CD in sleeve for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. $27

Mayo Clinic Family Health Guide 1996 Comprehensive home medical reference guide with multimedia and search capabilities. $17

Family and Medical Law CD (Pro One) Comprehensive library of easy-to-use, customizable forms for family and medical legal matters. Important laws and statutes included for reference. Informative interactive videos on a variety of family and medical matters. Extensive glossary of technical legal terms. New in retail box. $42

History of Medicine

2 CD set. Retail box. Fascinating interactive tour of medical history in great detail. New. Made by Flagtower. Designed for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. $42

Bodyworks 5
(Windows 95 CD)

(Comes in sleeve only-- box photo for illustration purposes only)
Beautiful 3-D multimedia guide to anatomy and medical information. CD in sleeve only. $27

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies (Premier Edition) Proven, practical advice in a dazzling multimedia home health guide! 1994 CD. (Compton's NewMedia) $29

SoftKey Health CD-Rom Power Pack Includes Pharmassist, Bodyworks Voyager, and Total Body all on one CD! $38

The Best of Diet and Health CD Impressive collection of over 30 health and diet shareware programs for Dos. Nutrition, vitamins, diet, remedies, weight control, alternative medicine, etc. $27

Windows 95 Health and Fitness CD Over 90 shareware and public domain programs for health, exercise training, herbs, diet, biorhythms, nutrition, weight loss, recipies, skiing, bicycling, baby tracker, etc. $27

Quicken 4
Earlier Windows CD version for home accounting. Old Quicken software version. New in jewel case. $27

Quicken Deluxe 1996 version 5
Earlier Windows CD version for home accounting. Old Quicken software version. New in retail box. $37

Quicken 1998 basic
Earlier Windows CD version of Intuit's Quicken Basic 98 for home accounting. Old Quicken software version. New in sleeve. This particular version of Quicken apparently has the unusual ability to automatically convert earlier Quicken QDF files to the newer Quicken QDI format! $37

Quicken 2000 Suite (Intuit) Has Quicken 2000 Deluxe and Quicken Family Lawyer. Cover indicates that it also has TurboTax enclosed but it may be only a trial or online version of TurboTax (probably 1999). New CDs in flat folder. $44

Quicken 2001 Suite (Intuit) New retail package includes Quicken Deluxe 2001, Quicken Family Lawyer 2001 and TurboTax 2000 Deluxe all on seperate CDs. $44

Quicken 2001 Suite minus Turbotax (Intuit) Same as above except Turbotax 2000 has been removed. New retail package includes Quicken Deluxe 2001 and Quicken Family Lawyer 2001 on seperate CDs. $44

Quicken 2002 New user edition (Intuit) New in sleeve. Full version of Quicken does everything but will not import data from previous versions of Quicken. $42

College Funding Finder CD Find valuable information about college funding. These CDs are new but are around 20 years old. $42

Inside the SAT and ACT (Deluxe 1998 Edition) The Princeton Review's #1 Best-Selling SAT & ACT software. Many skill levels, powerful vocabulary and glossary help, great for SAT and GRE preparation. Tests and quizzes to improve your scores! Also includes a great amount of information about various Colleges and financial information. $44

Higher Score Guaranteed on the SAT, PSAT & ACT (Kaplan) 1998 version. Comprehensive test preparation and simulated tests! 2 CDs in new retail box. $42

Higher Score Guaranteed on the SAT, PSAT & ACT (Kaplan) 1998 version. Comprehensive test preparation and simulated tests! 2 used CDs in original jewel case. Good condition. $42

Analytic Geometry (Pro One) For Credit Analytic Geometry. Ideal for all students who want to earn high school credit. Self-paced tutorials in 39 essential topic areas which meet established curriculum standards! Over 500 practice problems with step-by-step solutions. Achievement tests with on-screen feedback! CD in new retail box for Windows 3.1, 95 or higher. $37

Career Counselor (Kaplan Software) Find the career thats right for you! Multimedia guide to over 12,700 careers. For Windows 3.1 or higher. CD disk in full retail box. $42

StreetFinder Deluxe 1999 with Printed Maps (Rand McNally) Wow! Here's a package for you! Get the 1999 Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe software bundled with 44 folded state maps covering every state! These are the same quality state roadmaps which you would buy at gas stations at a price of over $2 each! New retail box! $44

6 CD-Rom Bundle (1990 Version) Encyclopedia, Atlas, Microsoft Bookshelf & 11 excellent games (Red October, Chessmaster, etc.) $19

Mosaic Magic CD Kid's CD. Teaches shapes, patterns, logic. For Windows 3.1. $14

Blockbuster Video Movie Guide
Blockbuster guide to video tapes on CD rom. 2nd Ed. (1996) $5

Space Adventure by Knowledge Adventure, Inc. Space Knowledge Adventure. Unopened 1993 OEM CD with documentation. Works in Windows and Dos. In depth look at the universe and manned space flight. Includes photos, videos, sound, timelines and a searchable library of space information! See bottom of OEM section for price. see bottom of OEM section for price

Americans in Space Excellent overview of U.S. space program. $27

Music Mentor Maestro Edition (Midisoft) Music history and theory CD. New in sleeve. $27

Beethoven's 5th A music lovers multimedia guide. 1991-1994 era. New CD in sleeve. $27

NFL Football History 75 years of NFL football history all on 1 CD disk! $27

Short Play vol. 1 CD Demo versions of Alien Odyssey, Chronomaster, Crusader, Tekwar and The Dig. $37

Millennia Altered Destinies CD Space Adventure game. 1995 vintage. $16

Golf Challenger (Softkey) Dos golf simulator on CD. Minimum system requirements: 486/33mhz PC, Dos 5, 4 mb ram, SVGA, soundblaster, mouse. New in jewel case. $26

Alert P.C. (Starion Group) Computer tracking and monitoring software. The ultimate way to locate your computer and data in the event of loss or theft. For Windows 95 and 3.1. New. $39

Live Pix SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Use your photos to create professional-quality business materials. Create flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead and labels. Windows 95 & 98 CD in new retail box. Includes Kodak inkjet photo paper! $44

Recipes for Family Fun by Old El Paso New. CD in unopened sleeve. Contains Mexican recipes, Fiesta ideas, games and beautiful Mexican and Spanish music that you can listen to on your computer or on a regular CD player. $27

Animated Greetings (Software Affiliates) Send animated Season's Greetings via e-mail or on floppy disk. Vintage 1993 CD for Mac or PC (Windows 3.1 or higher). New in unopened jewel case. $39

Monarch Notes (Software Studio/Bureau of Electronic Publishing) The Multimedia Guide to Understanding the Literary Classics. Monarch notes reference CD disk in original new packaging for Windows. Documentation included. $42

Click Here to see many more IBM compatible games and programs! Click here to see many more IBM compatible games and programs!!!

40 3.5" clear color tinted disks

New 3.5" color disks preformatted for IBM type pcs. These 3 1/2" color disks are formatted at 1.44 mb. Low quality disks but may be useful for art projects and promotional uses. .$17

JamCam, Jr. (little tikes) A digital camera for kids ages 3 and above! Includes 9 pin serial port cable. Requires Windows 95 or above. Includes Disney's Print Studio, Pooh software. New retail box. $44

Office Professional Uninterruptible Power Supply (IBM)
New 500VA UPS in retail box. Provides up to 30 minutes of backup time for your computer. Allows you to safely use and shut off your computer during a power outage! Can also be used on televisions and VCRs to prevent unnecessary interruptions. Comes with software and cable to connect to 9 pin serial port on Windows 95/98/NT computers allowing the UPS to automatically shut down your computer if you aren't around when the power fails. Includes surge protection! This same UPS sold at Circuit City recently for $99.99! outdated

power supply for some very old Emachine and HP computers 145 watt Micro ATX power supply for Hewlett-Packard and Emachine computers. This power supply measures 5" x 4" x 2.5" and is compatible with most of the Hewlett Packard and Emachine computers in the 400 mhz to 800 mhz range. Please check the wattage of the power supply you are replacing to make sure it is equal to (or lower than) 145 watts before ordering this one. If your HP minitower computer or Emachine won't power up this is probably the answer! $67

new parallel printer cable Standard 6' printer cable. $27

used parallel printer cable Used standard 6' printer cable. $22

new bidirectional parallel printer cable New bidirectional parallel printer cable. Bidirectional printer cables are recommended for many of the newer printers. $42

PS/2 to AT keyboard Adapter Small adapter allows you to use an AT keyboard with a large connector on a PS-2 computer having a slightly smaller connector. $13

10' VGA cable High quality 15 pin male to 15 pin female VGA extension cable. New. $26

6' Joystick Extension cord for PC New 6 ft. joystick extension cord for IBM compatible systems. Retail packaged. $26

Male 9 pin "D" to Female 9 pin "D" serial cable
3' cable with 9 pin "D" male to 9 pin "D" female. Can be used for RGB output from Commodore 128 or old IBM PCs (having a CGA card) to connect to RGB inputs of Commodore brand and other brands of monitors having a 9 pin "D" male input. Can also be used for connecting 9 pin IBM AT type serial comm port to different devices. sold out

6' AT serial modem cable 9 pin female "D" to 25 pin male "D" cable for connecting external serial modem to AT computer com port. Retail packaged. $27

power cord
Fits most PC compatible systems and monitors and many other devices including some printers. $9 ea. or 3 for $24

Stereo Speaker System (Juster) Attractive Juster multimedia stereo speakers system for computers or other application. Model AT-95B. Sells online for $25 to $40 elsewhere. 2 channel stereo amplifier. 480 Watts (P.M.P.O.). Full range response. Treble, Bass, Volume and Power controls! Email for availability

Stereo Speaker System (Juster) Attractive Juster Air Wave 211 multimedia stereo speakers system for computers or other application. Model AW-211. 2 channel stereo amplifier. 360 Watts (P.M.P.O.). Full range response. Volume, 3D and Power controls! Our low price $37

Stereo Headset with Boom Microphone Attractive stereo headphones with noise cancelling condenser microphone. For computer or other application. Features in-line volume control. New retail package. Audioworks model BHP-11NCV or BHP-11NCU. Very old but unused. $26

Stereo Headphones Attractive stereo headpones. For computer or other application. Features in-line volume control. New retail package. Juster model MP-017. Very old but unused. $25

Omnidirectional Microphone
Omnidirectional multimedia microphone for computer or other application. Sun model SUN-MIC118. Very old but unused. $27

miniature microphones Small clip-on lapel microphones. Made by Compaq. Very old but unused. $23

Dual IDE cable New dual IDE hard drive and/or CD drive cable. This cable is 17" long with connectors for 2 IDE drives just 3" apart. $32

CD audio to sound card cable Standard black to black audio cable to connect from CD drive to most sound cards. New. .$32 ea.

Floppy drive cable. New 22" floppy drive cable. Has twist for A drive. A drive conenctors for 3.5" or 5.25" drives. Also has an additional connector for an optional B drive having 3.5" style connector. Connects to most newer boards and to older multi-I.O. cards. $42 ea.

8 mb PCI video card New S3 Savage IX PCI 8 mb video card with drivers. Email for availability. $42

New PCI Sound Card Budget priced Vortex chipset PCI sound card with drivers. New. Has integrated SRS 3D sound technology. Sound blaster, Sound Blaster Pro and Windows Sound System compatible. MP3 compliant input and output mixer. Enhanced full duplex stereo. Supports AC3, Dolby Surround and Stereo. MPU-401 MIDI Interface/gameport. $44

ISA sound cards New ISA sound cards usually available. call or email

wrist rest Rubber wrist rest helps reduce strain on wrists while typing. Unused but very old. $26

Hard Drive Bible 8th Edition (Corporate Systems Center) Includes Comprehensive detailed information about old hard drive specifications, jumpers, controller cards, parameters, settings and manufacturers. This version is about a 1997 or 1998 version. New in retail box. Also includes CD-rom edition of the Hard Drive Bible and a video tape entitled "Inside Disk Drives". New. $44 ea.

Memorex 6-outlet surge suppressor (Wall Mount) 6 outlet surge suppressing wall mount power tap. EMI/RFI filtering reduces static. Full surge suppression. Indicator lights for surge and ground. No on/off switch. Memorex part number 3202-2768. New in retail box. $17

Click Here to see many more IBM compatible games and programs! Click here to see many more IBM compatible games and programs!!!

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